1986 Greeting Cards for Giovanni Agnelli with Juventus Football Team

In 1985, the press officer of the FIAT car factory, he called me for the design and implementation of a greeting card that Giovanni Agnelli would send to her friends on the occasion of the Christmas holidays. The ticket would have to have a portrait of Juventus, his football team. On that occasion, I went into training camp in Villa Perosa. That year the team was made up of a formidable team headed by Michel Platini. Equally powerful was my team of great professionals of their field, the art director of “Capital” magazine, Mr. Rudy Van Der Velde, and of the finest printers, Mr. Lino Zarini, who found a particular “parchment paper” on the  lawyer Agnelli’s request. You can see a selection of the various layouts of the greeting cards and the final one. This was a job a little ‘strange, because I’m not a football fan, and I had no idea who was Platini and I didn’t even know the coach of Juventus, Mr. Trapattoni. In Italy it is like saying I do not know who he is Sophia Loren or Gina Lollobrigida !