Special Olympics is an international program of training and athletic competition for people with intellectual disabilities . The practice of sports , along with those who
have equal abilities , improves the quality of life , putting in a position to achieve the maximum possible autonomy.
The founder of Special Olympics , Eunice Kennedy Shriver , in 1968 gave the official start to the Movement with the First International Games in Chicago, Illinois. today Special
Olympics is recognized by the IOC ( International Olympic Committee ) and its programs are adopted in more than 180 countries . Special Olympics in the world commits
3,200,000 Athletes , more than 4,000,000 families and 1,000,000 of volunteers who work together each year to the success of 30,000 large events.
Special Olympics Italy , Meritorious Association Which recognized by CONI and the CIP , and in Italy for Over twenty-five years old and work in All Regions . are 13,000
Athletes practice athletics What , bowling , football, horse riding , gymnastics , swimming , basketball , alpine skiing , Nordic skiing , running with snowshoeing , snowboarding , tennis,
bowling , boating, golf , rowing, triathlon , floor hockey, badminton , cycling, mountain biking and tennis table . Athletes participating EVERY year at the Regional and National Games .
Italian delegations take the other party to the European Games and the World , and Summer Winter .